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Times of distress are a time of opportunity. Debt, pollution, unemployment and fear are social costs created by a fear of freedom. The fear of freedom is manifested in a desire for control and the centralization of power the exercise of tyranny and the marginalization of millions of men and woman in economic poverty and political apathy. None of this is consistent with Dominionism.

Poverty both visible in slums and unemployment and hidden in the form of escalating debt is a sign of tyranny and the centralization of power that produces social costs and the enslavement of men to costs they did not create and which result in the destruction of earth. Poverty is produced by a fearful few creating social costs for the many. Poverty creates powerlessness and the incapacity to exercise Dominion. Social costs are the price society pays for failing to defend the principle of Dominion. Socialism is the a denial of humanities political right to say No! to costs created by others. Socialism is a direct denial of Dominionism and a rejection of humanities political right to say no to costs created by others. Poverty is a measure of our enslavement to the needs of others. Poverty is synonomous with powerlessness. It is created by liberals who deny the concept of Dominion and then bring about the conditions that make the exercise of Dominion impossible. Fight for your Political Right to say No! to costs created by others, join The Dominion Party, fight for the belief and practices of Dominionism, promote the politics of love and the economics of freedom.

Exchanges are chapters of The Dominion Party that fight to implement Dominion in a local setting. The Power of Domion is the exercise of local economic and political power. Exchanges have no social costs nor do they create or need debt. Exchanges promote the economics of freedom and the politics of love in the exercise of Dominion. Join the only organization with an effective social engineering technology for ensuring peace and prosperity because The Dominion Party is the only organization demanding the Political Right to say No! to costs we did not create and the political and economic authority to have power where we live.

Opportunities are limited only by the freedom we fear. Contact us today! 

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The purpose of mankind is to love.

Love, that is acting out of love lowers costs.

Social costs are not rational because they are the results of negative cooperation.

Negative cooperation (competition) increases costs known as social costs.

Humans are the rational organism to the degree they cooperate (act out of love to lower costs)

Human beings are the organisms that cooperate (2nd Order Cooperation).

Human beings are the only creature that can be and is responsible for the costs he or she creates for his or her community and ultimately for the planet for we are the only creature that can cooperate out of love to lower costs. This is the concept of Dominion.

Human beings are creatures responsible for his or her values.

Humans express values in politics, in groups, in community. Expressed values create social structures. Postive values create positive structures this makes them rational and ethical for the creation of positive values is the definition of living right.

Organizations that lower costs for community are ethical organizations for they express the concept of Dominion ie responsibility for costs one creates.

Cooperation creates the lowest cost social structures.

Cooperation is the expression of Dominionism

Humans expressing the highest values create organizations with the lowest costs; because the most positive persons with the highest values act out of love (cooperate) and thus express the ideals of Dominion to the fullest degree.

The organizational structure with the lowest costs are Rational Exchanges because Rational Exchanges are formed by people who are free to say No! to costs they do not create; are free to act out of love (and not out of a fear of having to pay costs they did not create). Rational Exchanges (Exchanges) is Dominionism expressed in organizational form.










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DEBT NOT REQUIRED  ... debt is never rational and never moral and not consistent with the concept of Dominion.

Exchanges eliminate joblessness and homelessness

A Tirade Against Freedom.
Liberalism is a belief system centered on economic liberty but freedom based on personal income is philosophically irrational and inconsistent with the concept and principles of Dominion. Freedom is not a first order principle but has to be justified by some greater end or political purpose. The distinction is the same as the libertine compared to the family man. The libertine is free but to what end except his own dissolution? Rationalists disagree with the liberal conception of life as something to be lived guided by personal whims.

The Seed Exchange creates local jobs and increases food security and economic sustainability while eliminating debt. learn more