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The Power Of Positive Businesses

Postive Businesses Can End Unemployment

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Times of distress are times of opportunity. Look around you; your community is burdened by debt, pollution, unemployment and fear. Poverty both visible in slums and unemployment and hidden in the form of escalating debt is on a precipitous rise. These are social costs; they are costs imposed on communities and future generations by Socialist governments aided and abetted by a business community distracted by avarice and poor leadership. Social costs are destroying communities and local markets as local businesses get picked off one at a time. Its time to take a stand and start to be a Positive Leader. Positive Leaders protect the local community and the local economy they do not exploit it. Positive Leaders do what is right economically and morally; reject the ammoral, apathetic attitude promoted by Libertarians along with their free market ideology that creates social costs and serves to trend in Socialism. Be a Positive Leader. Build a Positive Business - build a Positive Community. Exchanges are Positivity Trends or organizations led by Positive Leaders that bring economic rationality and sustainability to a local community.


Learn how to transform FB friends into a Positive Trend as a Positive Leader.

Starting a business is good but starting a Positive Business is better. Positive Leaders Create Positive Businesses and this funds the formation of a Positive Community using the facilities of a Positive Market ...


Read about the benefits of starting a Positive Business ...


The purpose of life is to be positive.

Social costs are not rational because they destroy positivity and create necessity.

Humans are the rational organism to the degree they are positive (the most rational course of action is the most positive one).

Exchanges are Positive Markets created by Positive Business Activity.

Human beings are the organism that Intends (purposes life).

Human beings are the only creature that can adopt a positive attitude.

Humans are Positive Organisms.

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DEBT NOT REQUIRED  ... debt is never rational and never moral and never trends towards the Positive.

Positive Trending ends joblessness and homelessness

A Tirade Against Freedom.
How liberalism has increased the Trend towards negativity.

The Seed Exchange is a Positivity Trend that creates local jobs and increases food security and economic sustainability while eliminating debt. learn more