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Times of distress are times of opportunity. This is our world but so many of earth's citizens have been marginalized. Debt, waste, inbuilt obsolesence, unemployment, pollution and poverty are not natural phenomenon but are symptoms of a failed system. The world of man is burdened by a mountain of debt and a sea of waste. What can we the dispossessed do to reclaim what is rightfully ours? What steps can we take to reclaim our rightful place as people who are responsible for planet earth? How do we end a system that systematically marginalizes and disenfranchises the citizens of earth; do we continue to endure this system of greed and exploitation with its economic ups and downs and deepening crises or do we rise up and demand our Rights as Citizens of Earth? What is the rational thing to do? A political system that is emasculated and tied to the purse strings of the richest and most ruthless is not going to pay the costs of change. The free market cannot be revamped to make unemployment and poverty a thing of the past. A monetary system tied to debt and dependent upon debt cannot eliminate debt. A social system that promotes elitism and administrative hierarchies will not usher in populism. The world needs a new way to manage its affairs and a new political system that truly expresses the will of the people. Rationalists believe the ecological integrity of the world is our first priority and focus, because caring for the planet is the only way to ensure that the will of the people is fully reflected in what we do. We all want a secure and ecologically healthy world both for ourselves and our children. The world is humanities only asset and its ability to support our life and the life of the generations to come is expressed in its value. Claim your right to a voice in the management of the equity that is planet earth. Join the Rational Rights Movement, join the Rational Party and fight what is right because it makes sense.

The human world is made up of Social Networks. These Social Networks make up the social network that is the earth. If our Social Network is strong we are strong. Rationalist monetize Social Networks by a simple process called Spending Prosperity Forward. The Monetization of Social Networks at the local level creates a world-wide Monetized Network; a simple solution to a host of problems. The following pages will explain how this works and how the process naturally eliminates the worlds social and administrative problems.

The Rational Party can and will create economic development naturally and spontaneously without the paternalism of the State nor the oversight of an invisible hand by the simple expedient of Spending Prosperity Forward to create Monetized Networks. These create an objective and quantitative way to guide our economic activity. The Rational Party can and will eliminate the administrative costs created by bureacracy and administrative hierarchies. Spending Prosperity Forward is sufficient to engineer administrative change. Support the Rational Rights Movement by joining the Rational Party; the Party that works to Monetize Social Networks and implement a Rational Rights agenda to increase the equity of earth. The opportunities are limitless. Start the change by joining the Rational Party today.


Monetize your Social Network; turn your FB friends into an engine for economic development by Spending Prosperity Forward.


Read more about the benefits of Spending Prosperity Forward. It works.


The purpose of life is to choose

(anarchy is the embodiement of our freedom of choice)

Social costs are not rational because they destroy our capacity to make rational exchanges

Humans are the rational organism to the degree they make economic rational exchanges.

(the fear of freedom)



























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DEBT IS OPTIONAL  ... debt is never rational and never moral and never reduces risk. Help end debt, division and social stratification. Join The Rational Party.

Help end joblessness and homelessness
Support the Rational Rights Movement, it makes sense.

The Seed Exchange is a way to Spend Prosperity Forward, lower the cost of local food, create local jobs and increase food security and increase the rationality quotient of society. ... learn more
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