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  1. Life is the connections we create. Cnnectivity creates congregations. Connectivity reduces competition and waste. Competition creates discontinuity and division. Competition decreases connectivity, increases costs, debt and unemployment. The more competition there is the more division there is in the community. (Read about how The Old Morality encourages competition)

  2. Increasing connectivity creates jobs and community. Jobs create wealth and wealth produces equity. Equity is a measure of how well a community is doing ie the degree it is connected. The greater the competition the lower the connectivity and the less equity that is available for job creation.

  3. Congregational Exchanges are associations of people who make themselves accountable to one another. Exchanges generate connectivity. The greater the connectivity the stronger the community; the more power devolved down to the people

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Times of distress are times of opportunity. The present era based on competition and centralization is coming to a close. Congregationalists create communities without debt or unemployment. Congregationalists are people helping people. Read about the benefits of the Congregational model.


the purpose of life is to congregate

Humans are the rational (congregational) organism.

Humans come come together (congregate) in systematic and purposeful ways. This is the definition of rational.



















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DEBT IS OPTIONAL  ... debt is never rational and never moral and never congregational.

Congregationalism gives people more choices help end joblessness and homelessness by promoting Congregationalism.

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The Seed Exchange is an application of  Congregationalism that lowers the cost of local food and creates local jobs  .. learn more
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