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Times of distress are times of opportunity. The free market has dominated the economics of mankind for Eons yet poses a real threat to civilization. Debts spiral upwards out of control fueled by compounded interest payments, waste, inbuilt obsolesence, unemployment, pollution and poverty. Capitalism has failed us. Our politicians have failed us. Democracy itself has failed us. The liberal free market has failed us. Market mayhem has left a mountain of debt and a sea of waste. Goods and services are metered out by an implacable market that has no sympathy, empathy and certainly no sense of human decency. We capitulate to market pressure just to have a job or stay in business. Yet from the beginning of time Social Networks have continuously done all the free market does only better. Social Networks are the last and greatest resource on the planet. Invest in a social network today.


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The purpose of life is to connect

Social costs are not rational because they destroy earth's ecology and our capacity to connect

Humans are the rational organism to the degree they are connected.

(the fear of freedom)

a social network is a community that is fully integrated and sustainable



















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DEBT IS OPTIONAL  ... debt is never rational and never moral and never reduces risk. Help end debt, division and social stratification by learning how to add value to your Social Networks.

Help end joblessness and homelessness
the Green and Ecologically Sane way.
Poverty Is The Product Of  market activity.

The Seed Exchange lowers the cost of local food, creates local jobs and increases food security. ... learn more
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