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Free Communities:

  • reduce costs for basic goods and services

  • increase local control over local resources

  • eliminate inflation, poverty and unemployment

  • reduce financial crime and threats to public peace

  • eliminate poverty and debt

  • motivate employees

  • help businesses become better citizens

  • are more resilient and creative and prosperous

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Free Communities create their own currencies using a Free Community Credit Facility for:

  • cheaper and more stable supplies of goods and services

  • risk free business start ups

  • lower cost job creation and economic development

  • lower costs for community infrastructure upgrades

contact us to find out more about how you can eliminate social costs and increase productivity. Get the handbook that explains how to simply and spontaneously create grassroots economic development and lower costs and give communities the low prices and secure supplies of goods and services they need.

'The Rebranding of Bracebridge: A Free Community in the heart of Muskoka'  from (kindle edition)











































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