Exchanges are ...

  • rational work spaces

  • a new and better way to do businesses

  • a realistic grassroots democracy

  • a business model that does not create social costs

  • business plans guaranteed not to fail

  • the elimination of socialism, liberalism and globalization (all sources of social costs)

  • reduced administrative overhead

  • the devolution of power down to the local level

  • owners of a currency that eliminates debt, interest payments and inflation

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What is meant by a social costs?

How do social costs come about?

How do Exchange prevent social costs?

How does Rational Exchange define "risk-free"?

DEBT NOT REQUIRED  ... debt is never rational and never moral but always a source of risk.

Exchanges eliminate joblessness and homelessness

Exchanges eliminate the risk of business failure and so makes it possible for businesses to create genuine full employment. Learn how this is possible in a free and democratic society.

A Tirade Against Freedom.
Liberalism is a belief system centered on economic liberty and equal rights before the law but freedom based on the possession of assets is philosophically irrational and inconsistent with genuine equality before the law. But equality before the law supposes laws are impartial and governments  can be imposed without the burdan and benefits being divided unequally. Freedom is not a first order principle but has to be justified by some greater end or political purpose. Discover what mankinds higher end is ...

What is a Rational Work Space (RWS)?

Rational Work Spaces are workplaces that operate without social costs so risk is eliminated. 


What We Believe:

Rational Exchange believes waste is a human rights violation. Social costs violate our human rights and create waste. Distress is experienced when our rights are curtailed, subverted or corrupted. Social costs are all forms of waste. Distress is felt when we are subjected to waste and required to pay cost we did not create. Waste is an offence against the collaborative potential of humankind. Rational Exchange is a collaborative work space that identifies and eliminates sources of risk and waste as sources of human rights violations and barriers to collaboration. Rationalists understand human rights and their connection to collaboration. Contact us today!   

We believe doing the right thing produces the best results, that doing wrong has consequences and about the worst thing that can be done is to waste resources.

If anyone has a right we must all have the same rights. Rights must be possessed equally for there is nothing in nature that suggests some people are more equal than others.

We believe if we all have rights these rights must be substantial that is relevant to our physical existence and location in time and space. Place matters and we are all de facto residents of earth. Rational Exchange believes we all have an equal right to earth. This is expressed in democracy to some extent and to the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but these rights are irrelevant without the right to place being recognized. We have a right to where we live. This is an equal right shared with others occupying the same location.

The right to place and by extention the equal right to earth is encapsulated or expressed in the concept of Dominion. Dominion means we each individually and collectively are responsible for the state of the planet and that in recognition of this fact we are each equally responsible for the place in which we live and upon this basis rests our claim to an equal portion of and an equal say in the disposition of the assets of earth. This philosophy and claim is expressed in Exchanges. Exchanges are local human rights groups working for their local or location rights that is the right to govern the earth where they are at ie at the local level.
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