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 Waste Exchanges are  ..

  •  Markets for reducing waste

  • sustainable

  • guaranteed not to fail

  • cooperative

  • grassroots

  • without debt or inflation

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What Are Social Costs?

How do social costs come about?

How do Social Costs hurt the planet?

How does Rational Exchange define "risk-free"?

What does an Exchange do?

How do Green Exchanges equitize assets?

How do Exchanges reduce debt and taxes?

How do Green Exchanges eliminate social division?

How does Exchanges eliminate poverty?

DEBT NOT REQUIRED  ... debt is never rational and never moral but always a source of risk and risk is always the risk of conflict and waste. Eliminate waste and risk is also eliminated.

Exchanges eliminate joblessness and homelessness

Waste Exchanges eliminate joblessness and homelessness because these are sources of waste. Waste Exchanges create full employment and eliminate debt, interest payments and poverty because Waste Exchange systematically eliminate waste.

A Tirade Against Freedom.
Liberalism is a belief system centered on economic liberty and equal rights before the law but freedom based on the possession of property is not consistent with a life free of waste.

The Economics Of Green (grenomics)

  • Exchanges are Green Credit Unions

  • Exchanges promote ownership.

  • Why join a Green Exchange (open an account)?

  • Why do Exchanges produce their own currencies?

  • How do Exchanges pay it forward?


What is Rational Exchange?  about us

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The Cultural Manifesto

What is culture? Culture is a way of life that methodically eliminates waste. There are good cultures and bad ones, there are cultures that are Green and sustainable and there are cultures that are doomed to expire in their own effluent. Waste is not consistent with culture and cultures we see that are disrespectful of the value of people and what they produce are cultures that are parasitic and doomed to fail if they have not already gone extinct.

We know there is a right way and a wrong way to live and we know waste does not make sense. We all know when resources are wasted. We know when our culture is enlightened and respectful of the contributions people make and when it is wasteful. Waste is wrong.

Right and wrong are defined by how we use what we have. Our moral character is expressed  in the impact we have individually and collectively on the planet. Our actions create culture and progress or do not. The measure of right and wrong is the degree to which we waste or use the resources of the earth. This measure culminates in the formation or dissolution of culture.

The right way to live is enshrined in The Golden Rule. The Golden Rule states we are to do unto others as we would have them do unto ourselves. The Golden Rule adhered to creates culture. The Golden Rule eliminates waste. We prefer if others act so as not to impose costs onto us so we ought to act so as not to require others to pay costs we create.

Culture requires we act so as to not lower the equity value of earth.

Rational Exchange postulates that responsibility for earth is the basis of culture and that as Rationalism (concern for the state of the earth) declines art and culture suffers. We argue for a Cultural Reformation.

Rationalism is the belief that we all know the right way to act. Rational Exchange believes there is a right and wrong way to live and this right way is consistent with The Golden Rule. Cultural Rationalists believe for humans to be fully rational we need to generate culture, progress and eliminate waste. We need to be Green.

The right and wrong way to live is not simply what suits certain human beings but requires responsibility for the earth.

Dominionism is the responsibility of humans for the planet and responsibility can only be exercised at the local and personal levels. Dominionism requires devolving property ownership and accountability down to the lowest level practical. Rational Exchange believes Globalist Culture is doomed to implode on the basis of its waste.

Cultural Rationalists believe power comes with ownership and ownership ought to be devolved down to the lowest practical level.  Rational Exchange believes Cultural Exchanges are the lowest unit of political engagement and organization and the foundation on which a Green economy can be built.

Cultural Exchanges are Green markets that use a Green Currrency created by members to promote the objectives of the account holders.

The purpose of all persons is to increase Green Revenues, that is add to the value of the planet. This is the purpose of Green Conservatism.

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