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Times of distress are times of opportunity. This era with its regulatory bodies, debt and insidious inflation is coming to a close. Deregulation eliminates centralization and the economic polarization that makes the rich richer and the poor more numerous.  Read more about the benefits of deregulation.


the purpose of mankind is to choose or to make choices

this necessitates deregulation, making a choice or making rational choices neccessitates the elimination of regulatory oversight

humanity is best developed in a deregulated Free Market

Humans are those organisms that exercise free will in a deregulated Free Market



















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DEBT IS OPTIONAL  ... the product of regulated markets.

Deregulation gives people more choices help end joblessness and homelessness

The Seed Exchange - click here
The Seed Exchange is a deregulated Free Market module. Deregulation gives you more choices, lowers  the cost of local food and create jobs  .. learn more
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