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Times of distress are times of opportunity. The Liberal Business Platform is known for its debt, waste, inbuilt obsolesence, unemployment, pollution and poverty as well as its inability to supply social goods. Rational Exchange has introduced a new business platform that eliminates social costs and is fully able to produce social goods. The opportunities are limitless.

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Turn your FB friends into a dynammic business opportunity. Its easy. Anyone can do it. Learn how!


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The purpose of life is to fo business

Social costs are not rational because they are not business-based

Humans are the rational organism to the degree they engage in business.

Exchanges are pure businesses (they eliminate social costs)

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DEBT IS GONE  ... debt is never rational and never moral and never reduces risk nor part of a reasonable business plan. Start a business that ends debt, division and social stratification.

Help end joblessness and homelessness
Capitalize your Social Networks using a radical new business platform.

A Tirade Against Freedom.

The Seed Exchange is the worlds most powerful Social Technology and successful business platform ever devised applied to the production and distribution of local food. Create local jobs and increase food security siimply and easily isomg the world's most powerful business platform. ... learn more
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