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Times of distress are times of opportunity. Times of distress occur when liquidity has been eliminated and investments are insufficient to sustain civilization - money is hard to come by. The present era centered on leveraged investments is coming to a close - chocked to near death by compounded interest payments that have all but dried up liquidity. Exchanges are a new way to make money that does not need money. You do not need money to make money - get back to barter. Barter is an economic option based on rational exchanges. Exchanges are started without the need for money. Exchanges create no debt. Exchanges create jobs. Read more about a new way to make money. The benefits of barter.


the purpose of life is to choose

Humans are the rational organism because they make choose to make money.

Irrationality is choosing choices that create debt.




















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DEBT IS OPTIONAL  ... debt is never rational and never moral and never reduces risk. Help end debt, division and social stratification. by promoting barter: a new way to make money.

Help end joblessness and homelessness Barter based businesses are a new way to make money and end social problems .

The Seed Exchange - is a new way to make money.
The Seed Exchange is a barter market that makes money. Lower the cost of local food while creating local jobs and earning income... learn more
The Seed Exchange is now on FB
What is the Old Morality?          read more