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What is an Ethics Driven Organization (EDO)?

A short guide to Moral Management or how to eliminate Social Injustice

Its all about freedom (do you know what the word means)


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Times of distress are times of opportunity. Negative (coercive) Management has historically been responsible for compound interest, debt, inbuilt obsolesence, unemployment, pollution and deepening poverty and all social costs and sources of distress. This creates a huge demand for a better and more moral form of management (Moral Management) Ethics Driven Organizations eliminate social injustice and the distress created by Negative Management protocols.

Moral Management is a set of protocols for managing social costs such as waste without the coercive side effects. Its protocols generate Exchanges or ethical business systems. These are easy and free to set up and something you and a few friends can do.

Ethics Driven Organizations automatically create jobs, economic development and money as social costs are contained and systematically eliminated. Distress is eliminated. Negative Management is bypassed and replaced. Transform your organization into an Ethics Driven Organization using Moral Management protocols. Transform your community into an ethical organization. Eliminate the distress of social injustice. Read more about the benefits of Ethics Driven Organization.


the purpose of life is to be rational (eliminate Social Costs)

Social costs are not rational because they reduce choices

Humans are the rational organism to the degree we create choice.

Socialism generates Social Costs and reduces choices

(the fear of freedom)



















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DEBT IS OPTIONAL  ... debt is never rational and never moral and never reduces risk. Help end debt, division and social stratification by eliminating waste as a a Rational Manager.

Help end joblessness and homelessness Rational Management is a better way to manage resources and eliminate waste.

The Seed Exchange is an application of Rational Management - lower the cost of local food, create local jobs and increase food security by eliminating waste in the food supply chain... learn more
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